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Providing superior social media services with outstanding customer service and care.

Strategies and Assessments

Developing a social media strategy that supplements a marketing strategy is key for success. Our strategies and assessments are meticulously crafted based on marketing goals, audience assessment, and competitive analysis. A strategy review/coaching session and customized training material may be included.

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Influencer Programs

Influencers extend the reach of your messaging to their passionate followers. We can assist your current influencer programs or create strategies and manage new programs. Our programs include research and communication with influencers, contracts, reports on influencer content, and assistance with influencer payments.


Social Media Campaigns

Our social media campaigns are created with the brand’s goals in mind and include campaign concept, design, development, management, and final campaign report.

These can be stand-alone campaigns or they can be a part of a larger integrated marketing campaign.

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Anne Swoboda is dedicated to providing superior social media services with outstanding customer service and care.

How can we help you?

Integrate social media into your digital marketing plan
Develop a social media strategy
Create social media goals that tie into your website and digital marketing goals
Leverage your social media presence into all of your marketing efforts

Use social media more effectively
Get provide training, tips, and insight on how to use social media for your business