A picture is worth a thousand words…especially on twitter

Convention and Visitors Bureaus know that photos are an important part in selling a destination. Compelling photos can also say much more than 140 characters can on twitter. Part of twitter’s appeal is time-sensitive content and photos should enhance this. I can tweet about the beautiful weather in Chicago but sending a twitpic photo would say even more.

There are several photo posting options on twitter but my preference is twitpic. It seems to load photos faster (for the viewer) than TweetPhoto and it’s easier to navigate through a user’s photostream than yfrog.

You can easily upload photos from twitpic.com but I think the best use of twitpic is the ability to upload photos on the go from your phone. Each user has a special “twitpic email address” that they can email their photos to for instant uploading.

A lot of CVBs are already using photos on twitter. Two recent examples I found were from Spokane, WA and Geauga County, OH. I don’t live near Geauga County but after seeing this photo, I now want to visit there and shop at Sages Apples. Yum!

So what should you post? Photos of gorgeous weather, the first snowfall of the season, festivals, attractions, etc. Also try some “behind the scene” moments such as dress rehearsals for an upcoming musical, backstage at a concert or inside the kitchen of a new restaurant.

Tip: If you’re tracking clicks, I recommend keeping the link as a twitpic URL instead of shortening it with BudURL, bit.ly or your regular shortener. Most twitter followers will click on a twitpic because they know it’s a photo. Be sure to count the number of photo views and include that in your stats and reports.

Another tip: If you’re uploading a photo on twitpic.com, uncheck the “post to twitter” box so you can leave a longer photo description (consider adding a link if applicable) and then tweet the link.

What type of twitpics have been successful for you?

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