Adding a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page

Pinterest currently does not have an API available but there’s a fairly easy work around to adding your Pinterest account or a single Pinterest board as a tab on your Facebook page.

I found these instructions by Karen Moran and tested them on a Facebook page. Her How to add a Pinterest tab to a Facebook page post walks you through creating a Facebook app and then connecting it to the mobile version of Pinterest, either directing to your entire Pinterest account or specifically to one board. If I can do it, so can you!

Since it’s the mobile version of Pinterest, the tab is a little clunky but it works well and is a great solution until Pinterest’s API is available.

Here’s an example of my test page’s tab, connected to my Pinterest account. Clicking on the board will display the board’s pins within the Facebook tab. From there, you can click on individual pins but that’s where the spacing gets off. You can repin, like, edit (if looking at your account) or even add comments but you have to scroll across to see the entire pin. There also isn’t the option to go back to the board/previous screen so you have to right-click your mouse and hit back.

And here is the Columbus Food Scene’s page, connected to one Pinterest board, created by Joe Vargo:

What’s really great about this tab is that you can also see tab stats with the option to export them from the past 90 days. Graphs are available for tab views, visits, non-fans who LIKED the page after viewing the tab and content views.

Have you created a Pinterest tab for you Facebook page? If so, share the page’s URL in a comment!


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