Best Practices: E-Newsletters

The Jan 20 #tourismchat focused on the Best Practices for E-Newsletters in the age of Social Media (transcript). You can also download the transcript as a PDF.

Here are my chat highlights:

  • Many of the chat participants thought e-newsletters shouldn’t be sent out more frequently than monthly or quarterly
  • Some topics to include in your e-newsletters are blog content, promotions, contests, new products and events/calendar link (from Joe Vargo)
  • Niche markets for e-newsletters include arts, culinary, shopping, gardening, group travel, industry partners and general consumer/travel (from Buffalo Niagara)

There was much more conversation about how destinations are connecting their e-newsletter to social media, building their contact lists and e-newsletter providers so definitely check out the chat transcript!


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  2. Meilee Anderson

    Very helpful – thank you for making the chat notes readily available. Reading the notes stimulated many new ideas.

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