Pinterest’s Place Pins

I haven’t been this excited about a social media upgrade in a long time! Pinterest introduced Place Pins today! And the cool part is that they connected their map to Foursquare. So not only does it geotag correctly (remember the old days of Flickr geotagging?!), it also will pull in the address and telephone number…

Pinterest is giving you more control of groups

Pinterest sent an email this morning stating that group owners now have more control of their group members! I’ve always been cautious about recommending group boards to CVBs so this is definitely a step in the right direction. How many group boards to you use?

CVBs on Pinterest, June 2013 update

Let’s take a look at where CVBs stand on Pinterest! Some accounts have reached a few milestones worth noting in this update. *data collected May 30, 2013. Los Angeles has over 30,000 followers now. VisitSavannah Georgia has nearly 25,000 and Pure Michigan will probably be the next DMO to reach 10,000 followers. Other top accounts…

State DMOs on Pinterest: March update

CVBs are doing a great job on Pinterest but are the US state DMOs keeping up?

Kind of.

Out of the 46 state DMOs on Pinterest, 12 accounts were inactive last month and didn’t pin one single image from February 6 – March 4, 2013. And then an additional 7 DMOs that pinned 5 images or less during that same period. There were only 7 inactive accounts the previous month. Is this trend growing? Are DMOs losing interest in Pinterest?

Not all of them! Here are the most active state DMOs on Pinterest:

  1. Georgia – pinned 248 images (from February 6 – March 4)
  2. Texas – 144 pins
  3. Tennessee – 132 pins
  4. Ohio – 49 pins
  5. Missouri – 48 pins
  6. Nebraska – 42 pins
  7. South Dakota – 41 pins
  8. Arizona – 41 pins
  9. Maryland – 38 pins
  10. Utah – 33 pins

State DMOs typically have gained a decent amount of followers in a short period of time once they start promoting their account across their other social channels. The average state gains approx 50-150 followers each month. You’ll notice below that being an active pinner doesn’t always result in a strong growth in followers. For example, Hawaii gained 202 followers but did not pin any images in the same period of time.

Here are the top DMOs that gained the most followers from February 6 – March 4:…

CVBs on Pinterest: March 2013

It’s been an ENTIRE year since I started tracking CVBs on Pinterest! Can you believe it? Me neither. Since my first update (February 22, 2012), there has been amazing growth in the number of pinning CVBs. On Feb 22, 2012, there were- 34 US destinations 3 international destinations 8,041 pins 640 boards 15,575 total followers…

CVBs on Pinterest: February Update

2013 got off to a great start on Pinterest. Many CVBs have seen incredible growth in followers and are being more strategic about their Pinterest efforts. Los Angeles (18K followers) is starting to catch up to VisitSavannah Georgia (21K followers). Colorado Tourism, Beverly Hills, Visit Austin Texas and Pure Michigan all have over 5K followers…

Things I learned this week: Jan 4

A new year, a new start! Some of my closest friends live the farthest away but are always there for me. I think this will be my year. Pin of the week:

CVBs on Pinterest: January Update

2012 closed with 420 US CVBs and DMOs on Pinterest! I posted a lot of stats last month so let’s just get into the ranking! If you’re interested in how the State DMOs compare, check out this list: And as always, if you know of any CVBs not on my CVBs on Pinterest board, please…

Things I learned this week: Dec 27

Can you believe that 2012 is almost over? This year has flown by. I spent a third of it in bed with mono and have been trying to make up for lost time. I’ve almost entirely given up my music – playing and teaching flute lessons. It makes me sad but there are other priorities…