Things I learned this week: August 25

I’m trying to stay ahead of the game this week! There’s nothing more relaxing than personal travel. Once you get behind, it’s really hard to catch up. I listened to a few of my flute recordings tonight. It’s a little sad how much talent has faded since then. It’s also sad that I can’t enjoy…

Things I learned this week: August (12) 16

Last weekend got away from me. I flew to Portland Sunday and couldn’t find time to blog until this morning so this is a 1.5 weekly update. Travel so rewarding. I got to see two friends on this trip in addition to my amazing colleagues. Life is good. Some things can’t be explained. I just…

Things I learned this week: August 5

So it’s 9pm on Tuesday night. I just took my “lunchtime” shower because I didn’t get a lunch break today and I still have more work to finish. Dinner might not happen tonight because I’m too exhausted to make anything. I realized this morning that I completely forgot to write my blog post over the…

Good morning, Atlanta!

I’m in ATL this week! I spoke on a social media panel yesterday for the Atlanta CVB and have meetings the rest of the week. It’s amazing how much less time you have when travel is involved, right? I got up early <gasp> to try to catch up on work and woke up to this…

States on Pinterest: Top 10 Lists

Congrats, America! Each of the 50 states is represented on Pinterest by at least one CVB/DMO!

Together, the US has pinned over 58,000 images and have more than 60,000 followers! *data collected June 30*

In addition, there were over 11,000 pins pinned in June and more than 15,000 new followers acquired that month!

So which states top the list?

Most CVBs/DMOs on Pinterest:

  1. California: 28 CVBs
  2. Texas: 24 CVBs
  3. Illinois: 14 CVBs
  4. Ohio: 12 CVBs
  5. Pennsylvania: 12 CVBs
  6. Florida: 10 CVBs
  7. Michigan: 10 CVBs
  8. Missouri: 10 CVBs
  9. North Carolina: 10 CVBs
  10. Georgia: 9 CVBs

Total pins by state:…

State DMOs on Pinterest

Pinterest is taking over state DMOs. There are 40 states on Pinterest already! These states have over 500 boards, 10,500 pins, 1,500 likes and 14,000 total followers!

So how do they stack up? *Data was collected June 30.

Sorted by most pins:

  1. Maryland
  2. Kansas
  3. New Mexico
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Florida
  6. Colorado
  7. Georgia
  8. Missouri
  9. South Dakota
  10. Arkansas

Sorted by most followers:

  1. Michigan
  2. New Mexico
  3. Wyoming
  4. Hawaii
  5. Florida
  6. Colorado
  7. North Carolina
  8. Georgia
  9. Ohio
  10. Indiana

Sorted by most active (added the most pins from May to June):…

Things I learned this week: July 22

Another week, another update… You’ll be seeing a few more Pinterest posts on my blog — Monday and Tuesday! Life is good. Pin of the week:

Not your typical destination video

This video isn’t new but I just came across it, thanks to Stephanie. I’ll admit it. Iowa was never at the top of my list but now maybe, just maybe, I’ll consider it. *warning, this video contains adult language (NSFW)*

Pinterest Contests: what NOT to do

If you’re thinking about managing a Pinterest contest, check out Holly Maust’s Pinterest Contest board. It’s full of great and not-so-great examples.

I just saw a pin for the GUND Most Pinteresting Dog Contest. Who doesn’t love GUND? As a little girl, I slept with my Muttsy dog every night so, of course, I was so excited to see this contest. And then I took a closer look…

This contest JUST started today so I’m hoping things are still being worked out. Here are the points that I love about it:

And here are the problems:

  • When you click on the contest pin, it takes you to the uploaded image. Go ahead. Click on the pin’s image. Doesn’t really help, right? For the Pinterest contests that I’ve managed, it’s ESSENTIAL to edit this link and take the user directly to the entry form or a landing page or something with more information.
  • The same thing happens when you click on the Terms & Conditions pin. It’s great that the T&C are on Pinterest but they really should link to a landing page. Maybe it’s just me but I like to copy/paste text. You can’t do that when the text is in a jpg image.

I am the first to admit that I have ADD and usually don’t focus on reading details but looking deeper into the T&C for this contest, I became more confused.…