Blogworld Expo

I’ve had this post on my to-do list for several days but I’ve been under the weather so I’m just getting to it now. Better late than never, right?

I did not attend Blogworld but followed the very active #bwe10 hashtag from home. If you’re new to twitter: many conferences use a specific hashtag so all related tweets can easily be organized and found. I think this post by Callan Green sums everything perfectly: 10 Takeaways from Blogworld Expo 2010.

These are two of my favorite points:

1. Content is so “in” right now: This is so very true. Tweeting about a specific event, attraction or deal and then linking to a homepage is an epic failure. If you don’t have the best content, you have two choices: create it (in a blog) or link to a better source.

2. Conferences are about much more than the sessions you attend: I completely agree here. Connecting with other professionals in your field can be more rewarding than conferences sessions. It’s the sharing of ideas and brainstorming together that usually gets your creative juices flowing. This is exactly why I love #tourismchat so much.

Did you attend Blogworld? What are your takeaways?

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