Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video has been available to all users and Facebook pages for a little more than one month now and I’ve already seen a few destinations using it. As with any of your social media efforts, it’s essential to have a strategy or plan in mind before you tap that Live Video button and…

Instagram Community Management

Managing your brand’s Instagram account(s) just got easier! Instagram recently added the option to switch between multiple accounts on their app! Check out the official announcement here. To add an account, go to your profile tab and click the Options gear icon. At the bottom of this page, you’ll see Add Account. Once you’re logged…

MT on Twitter

If you’re on twitter, you already know that “RT” stands for retweet — forwarding or re-posting someone’s tweet to your followers. Well I’ve been noticing a new trend and it turns out that it’s not new at all. At least in terms of social media time.

People have been using “MT” to indicate a Modified Tweet. It’s basically a retweet that’s been edited. Makes sense, right? I’ve been seeing it more and more recently but I found mentions of this in blogs from as far back as August 2010. That’s ancient history on twitter.

When should you use MT instead of RT? Here are three answers:

More twitter abbreviations you should know:…

How to migrate your blog

I just moved my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and since I’m an expert now, here’s all you need to know. In 12 easy* steps.

*Honestly, I don’t even know if everything is working right so don’t listen to any of this.

Frustration (was: threesixtyfive | day 244)Step 1: Google EVERYTHING. Reread everything 20 times and still be confused.

Step 2. Contact your hosting provider. Have them tell you that they can’t do anything because WordPress is a third-party app.

Step 3: Contact all your smart friends. Most of them won’t know what to do either.

Step 4: Sulk.

Step 5: Google the difference between a Site Redirect vs. Domain Mapping. Let the confusion continue.

Step 6: Read How to Migrate your Blog from WordPress.com to a Personal Domain five or six times. Ask a friend to read to it and be happy that neither of you can easily follow along.…

Foursquare’s branded pages and lists

Ever since my #geekcation in Chicago (an excuse to work on Explore Chicago’s Foursquare badges), I’ve said that I would love to see a CVB create a Foursquare guide. Well this is it! Foursquare recently allowed brands to get pages for free and also unveiled a new lists feature on Monday.

What does this mean for you? Get your CVB on Foursquare. Now.

It’s easy to create a page. All you need is a graphic, description and a branded twitter account to get started. Once you’re ready with that, it’s time to add a few tips. You have to add at least 5 tips when you create your page. What’s great about these tips is that they come from your “official” brand and not a personal account.

Lists are an excellent way to group Foursquare venues together into themes, whether it by a list of museums, BBQ restaurants or even neighborhood guides. Three CVBs that have already created Foursquare lists are Visit Savannah, Baltimore and Tuscarawas County CVB. …

Conference Hashtags

Tweeting DIYA lot has changed in the social media world since October 2010 but most of the basics in Hashtaggery (how to create a hashtag for your event) have remained the same. Here’s an update:

1. Think: choose a hashtag that can easily correlate to your event

What type of abbreviations can you use? If there will be live-tweeting at your event, make sure you choose something that can be easily typed. Keep it short and sweet but not so short that it becomes confusing.

Should you use the year in it? I’ve seen a lot of hashtags that use “2010″ or just “10″ as a date. Twitter search history lasts only a few days so there’s no need to differentiate your annual events by adding the year to your hashtag. Remember that people will be live-tweeting and it takes an extra step to add numbers on a mobile device.

The thought process behind this hasn’t changed. Since my original post, I’ve upgraded to an Android phone (from a Blackberry) so typing numbers in a hashtag is more difficult now but my keyboard (Swiftkey) auto-suggests words and hashtags so leaving off numbers in a hashtag is not as crucial. Just keep in mind whether you want to use the hashtag year-round or only specifically for the conference.

2. Research: are your choices already being used? …

Twitter Transcripts

Transcripts are essential for twitter chats. Not only to refresh your memory of the chat but they’re also great for those who were unable to participate during that hour. If you’re not familiar with #tourismchat, it’s a biweekly twitter chat focusing on social media in the tourism industry. Each chat varies but we normally see…

Twitter Engagement

I recently found this great post about a Twitter Engagement Formula (Angela Maiers) and even though it’s over a year old, the basic strategy behind it still holds true today. Angela states that she uses a 70-20-10 formula for twitter:

Share Resources (70) – Successful learning in the 21st Century is not what you know, but what you can share, so 70 % of my Twittertime is spent sharing others voices, opinions, and tools.…

Hashtaggery (how to create a hashtag for your event)

Hashtags are a great way to organize tweets around conversations and events. If you’re new to twitter, check out this Twitter Help Center page about hashtags. Creating a hashtag is easy but a lot of thought must go into the process. These steps will walk you through creating a hashtag for your event but can also be used for creating any type of hashtag.

1. Think: choose a hashtag that can easily correlate to your event

What type of abbreviations can you use? If there will be live-tweeting at your event, make sure you choose something that can be easily typed. Keep it short and sweet but not so short that it becomes confusing.…

So you’re going to a conference

With the use of social media, more and more people can now experience conferences virtually. Whether you’re attending in person or just following along via a hashtag, here are five tips to help you get ready to use social media at a conference.

  1. What’s the hashtag? Hashtags are a great way to follow the conference on twitter. If you’re leading the conference, create the hashtag early and publicize it! Put it on all of your registration information, printed and online. Be sure to include your social media icons here as well. When creating a hashtag, make it short but not so short that it becomes confusing. Use “10” instead of “2010” or consider using no year at all.…