Changing Your Facebook Page’s Name

It used to be that the only way to change your Facebook page’s name was to delete the old page, create a new one and slowly try to pull all your old fans over. Not anymore!

Facebook recently created a form where you can submit a name change for your Page. It’s very easy and a great option! Thanks, Facebook! And thanks to Robert Patterson for passing along this info!

Changing your page’s name can greatly impact your fan base. Brian Matson was able to change his CVB’s page name (before this form was available) and has seen tremendous results.

So far I’ve personally heard of three CVBs that successfully changed their names by using this form. The entire process took about a week. I also heard of one CVB that was denied a name change. Part of the reason was that their company name had “CVB” in it, as well as their logo/profile picture.

I don’t know how close Facebook will be tracking this but supposedly you only get one chance to change your name. If there’s any doubt about your page, make sure your profile picture represents the destination whether it’s a “Visit ____” logo or just a photo.

Have you had luck changing your Page’s name?


  1. Hi Anne,

    I’ve been able to facilitate a few page name changes and its always been with crossed fingers and lapses in time waiting to hear back if the powers that be would even acknowledge the request. It has sometimes taken weeks and even months and a great deal of persistence, and even nagging to get the job done. I noted this form awhile back and am using it to migrate all of Bonnie’s stuff over while also moving the page to Timeline. Keep up the great work in adding up all the integers that help make 1+1+1=5! 😀

  2. You can add one more CVB to your list: From a facebook email: After a review, it’s been determined that the “Vicksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau” Page name does not meet the Facebook Pages Guidelines. To adhere to these guidelines, your Page has been renamed to: “Visit Vicksburg”.
    PS- I submitted this at 9:00 am and they got it done by 1:15 pm. It’s the small victories.

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