CVBs on Pinterest: April update

It’s time for another update! My list has now grown to 181 CVBs on Pinterest, not including international destinations. I’ve been tracking these basic stats weekly but it takes nearly 2 hours each Sunday to keep up so I’ll be changing my strategy soon.

What I’m seeing: the CVBs that pin daily, or almost daily, see a gain of 20+ followers each week. Those who don’t pin weekly have almost no growth at all. Of course, the larger destinations see a larger weekly growth. And so do those accounts who have a larger following. Everything seems to be proportionate on size and activity, as it should be.

Taking a break from extra analysis this month, I’m just going to share lists and resources in this post.

When I talk about “followers” below, I mean the amount of people following the entire CVB account / all of the CVB’s boards. Typically certain boards will have a LOT more followers than the entire account but it’s not possible for me to track the cumulative number of followers across all the boards each CVB has. I don’t have a script so I track everything manually and it may be hard to believe, but I do have interests other than social media.

CVBs, ranked by account followers

CVBs, ranked by number of pins

All 233 destinations on Pinterest, including international

If your CVB isn’t on the list, please send an email to or leave a comment on this post. Thanks!


  1. Here’s another one for you that I did not see on your list(s): Panama City Beach
    They have 159 followers as of today.


  2. Anne, you’re great for doing this. We launched (officially) late March — it’s been a fun month!

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