CVBs on Pinterest: December Update

We’re almost ready to close out the year! Will a more active Pinterest account be on your 2013 to-do list?

Most DMOs have stopped pinning all together. From data collected on December 3, 145 DMOs did not pin at all during the entire month of November. That’s 35% of the total amount of DMOs. And approximately the same amount (151 DMOs) pinned 20 or less pins during the month. That’s about one pin per weekday. Some may say that’s enough activity but I feel that DMOs should pin more frequently than that. Here’s the total breakdown:

Who were the most active pinners in November? Boston USA, Explore Georgia, VisitSavannah Georgia, Panama City Beach and Lake County Ohio Visitors Bureau take the lead.

In terms of total pins, VisitSavannah Georgia, Visit Philly, Explore Georgia, Boston USA and Temple CVB rank at the top of that list. Here’s the breakdown of all 413 DMOs:

In terms of followers, the top 4 DMOs are Durango, Colorado, Texas Tourism, VisitSavannah Georgia and Los Angeles.

And here’s the complete list, ranked by total followers:

Please let me know if I missed any US DMOs in my Pinterest ranking or any international DMOs on my CVBs on Pinterest board!


  1. Thanks, Caroline! Typically the CVBs that pin frequently see a steady growth in followers but there are a few examples where particular CVBs promote their account across platforms or with other marketing efforts and see a tremendous growth in followers without pinning a lot of images each month.

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