CVBs on Pinterest: March 2013

It’s been an ENTIRE year since I started tracking CVBs on Pinterest! Can you believe it? Me neither.

Since my first update (February 22, 2012), there has been amazing growth in the number of pinning CVBs.

On Feb 22, 2012, there were-

  • 34 US destinations
  • 3 international destinations
  • 8,041 pins
  • 640 boards
  • 15,575 total followers

On March 4, 2013, there were-

  • 437 US destinations
  • 209 international destinations
  • 150,094 pins
  • 6,992 boards
  • 1,594,531 total followers

Visit Savannah was considered as the leader back then and is still the leader in many ways today.

Here’s a full ranking of all US destinations.

And here’s a ranking of the US State DMOs.

Is your CVB on the list? Is it on my CVBs on Pinterest board? If not, leave a comment below!

Happy Pinning!


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