CVBs on Pinterest: May update

Welcome to the May update for CVBs on Pinterest! The list of destinations using this virtual pinboard is now at a total of 340 international and domestic DMOs — an increase of 46%, or 107 additional destinations!

Below you will find rankings of the 237 US destinations by number of total followers and the number pins. You will also find a google doc with all 340 DMOs so you can easily find and follow your favorite destinations.

Before we get to the rankings, here are some mouth-watering stats about the growth seen from April to May. Please note that with the increase of destinations, I was unable to gather all of the stats in the same day because I’m tracking each DMO manually and the process is a bit time-consuming. The stats listed in these rankings were collected between May 20-22.

As in the April update, the total number of followers is used here. Many of the DMOs have more followers on specific boards than listed as the total number. In some cases, those numbers are almost double the amount. The number of followers per board is more valuable as a stat but it’s impossible for me to track all of those figures.

Growth by number of total followers

Pure Michigan nearly doubled their amount of total followers this past month and takes the lead for the most new followers – 513 of them! Visit Savannah Georgia has been steadily increasing every month and received 282 new followers. Newcomer Visit Estes started with 5 followers on April 22 and ended with 192 followers – an increase of 187 total followers.

Almost half of the accounts (44%) received less than 20 new followers this month. Take a look at the breakdown:

Growth by number of pins

The top 10 most active accounts, in terms of new pins added this month are the following:

  1. Visit Savannah Georgia: 456 pins
  2. Visit Houston: 255 pins
  3. Virginia is for Lovers: 226 pins
  4. Visit Philly: 222 pins
  5. Visit Bloomington: 209 pins
  6. Temple CVB: 208 pins
  7. Atlanta Georgia: 196 pins
  8. Visit Nebraska: 193 pins
  9. Land of Lincoln: 174 pins
  10. Explore Georgia: 172 pins

Nearly half of the accounts (45%) added 1-30 new pins this month while 20% of the accounts were inactive with no new pins. Here’s the rest of the breakdown:


Growth in terms of new boards

In addition to adding more pins, some of the accounts are also adding more boards. I think this breakdown is pretty interesting. Almost half of the accounts (49%) created no new boards. Remember that 20% of the accounts were inactive in terms of pins and so really means that 30% of the accounts were active but did not create any new boards.

Highest number of total followers

There are now 4 DMOs with more than 1,000 total followers! Visit Savannah Georgia, Pure Michigan, Wyoming Tourism and Visit Philly.

Here is the ranking, sorted by number of total followers:

Highest number of pins

Once again, Visit Savannah Georgia takes the lead with total pins. They have over twice as many pins as the #2 spot.

Here is the ranking, sorted by number of pins:

Destinations on Pinterest

Below are all of the international and domestic destinations that I’ve found on Pinterest. You can also view them all on my CVBs on Pinterest board or this DMOs on Pinterest google doc. If you’d like to add your destination to my list, please email or leave a comment below.

How have you been using Pinterest for your organization?


  1. Great update, Anne — lots of work on your part! This inspires us to do more–and check out what some of our Pin-savvy industry peers are doing. Thanks!

  2. Hi Anne, great job getting this info together. We’ve been active on Pinterest for a couple of months now. We’ve currently pinned 586 items on 17 boards, and have a following of 676. Thanks for including us on your list! Personally, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and stand tall with the few, the proud: The dudes on Pinterest.

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