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You’ve seen it in TV commercials. You’ve probably even heard it on the radio. Companies are using traditional media to point consumers to their Facebook page, a free platform that they have absolutely no control over but are spending a substantial amount of money creating custom tabs, buying ads and promoting in other forms of marketing.


I picked up one of the few remaining bags of Tostitos at the grocery store Sunday afternoon and guess what…yep, it’s there too.

So I asked a few tourism friends to send me photos of how they’re using print to advertise their social media accounts.

Here are two examples from Tunica, MS:

What I love about this second example is how they’re promoting their partners’ Facebook pages and twitter accounts:

And what do you find when you get to Tunica’s Facebook page? Great content, awesome engagement and a cool Road Trip tab! Did you know that Tunica is only a 9.5 hour drive from Chicago? That’s the perfect distance for a road trip!

From the Lone Star State, the Colorado River Trail is promoting their social media efforts on a cute card:

And here are two great examples from Austin, TX. One for the leisure market:

And one for meeting planners interested in Austin:

And it’s not just in print. Discover Ohio promoted their Facebook page and twitter account on the backs of their street team’s shirts for a mobile tour last summer:

So how, and where, are you promoting your Facebook page? Bonus points for providing photos!


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