Flickr’s New Design

Flickr rolled out a new design a few weeks ago to 800,000 some users and just made it mainstream today. It’s a lot cleaner and seems to display all the important information “above the fold” on the screen.

Here are my favorite aspects of this new design:

Larger image

Right above the image are two new features:  the magnifying glass and the “newer/older” selection tool. Clicking on the photo automatically selects the magnifying glass tool and takes you to a page where you can view the image on black. You also have the option to “view all sizes” on this screen and then download the image, depending on its licensing.

The “newer/older” selection tool is an easy way to browse through someone’s photostream and can be done on the main/white page or on black.

Photo Data

The image date, location and camera information are listed right above the map. Clicking on date and location will take you to those specific search results within the photographer’s photostream. The camera info link will take you to a page listing all of the EXIF data, or camera settings used to take that photo.


If you’re not geotagging your photos, you should be! Mouse over the map for a regional view; mouse over the dot for a local view.

Just below the map is a listing of the photo’s sets and groups, tagging of Flickr members (if any), keyword tags and creative commons licensing,

Actions and Sharing

This is where the fun begins. All of your organizing and editing options are listed under the action tab, just above the photo. By the way, I highly recommend using Picnik to edit your photos as it’s very easy to use. You can find Picnic under this tab as well.

As with other social sites, Flickr has a great sharing option. It’s easy to email the photo from here as well as grab the html code (think custom Google Maps!). You can also connect Flickr to your blog and insert the photos from here.

As you can tell, I love the new design. What are your initial thoughts of it?


  1. Sounds awesome… haven’t been on flickr in a while, been using picasa… I would love to learn more about custom google maps… webinar, anyone??

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