How to lose respect on twitter

There are several ways to lose respect on twitter but the fastest two ways are scheduling tweets without checking mentions and spamming hashtags.

Someone has been spamming a few hashtags I follow. He’s using scheduled tweets and actually sent the exact same tweet at 2pm two days in a row. I tried reaching out to him through a tweet but he never replied. And then came more spam on the hashtags.

When people follow a hashtag, a lot of them will place it in a search column in TweetDeck or HootSuite. TweetDeck users have the option of setting an audible or visual notification anytime there’s a new tweet in that column. That’s what I do for important hashtags. Now imaging getting this notification several times a day from a user that has nothing to contribute to the conversation and is only promoting his business. It’s frustrating.

So be smart on how you use twitter and don’t be a Social Media DB.


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