How to migrate your blog

I just moved my blog from to and since I’m an expert now, here’s all you need to know. In 12 easy* steps.

*Honestly, I don’t even know if everything is working right so don’t listen to any of this.

Frustration (was: threesixtyfive | day 244)Step 1: Google EVERYTHING. Reread everything 20 times and still be confused.

Step 2. Contact your hosting provider. Have them tell you that they can’t do anything because WordPress is a third-party app.

Step 3: Contact all your smart friends. Most of them won’t know what to do either.

Step 4: Sulk.

Step 5: Google the difference between a Site Redirect vs. Domain Mapping. Let the confusion continue.

Step 6: Read How to Migrate your Blog from to a Personal Domain five or six times. Ask a friend to read to it and be happy that neither of you can easily follow along.

Step 7: Change the DNS of your website to WordPress, but only after you give up on finding your original DNS.

Step 8: Pray. A lot.

Step 9: Pay for Domain Mapping on WordPress and hope it works.

Step 10: Cuss as you attempt to change the DNS on your site back to the unknown original DNS. Freak out a little. And then just copy and paste random things.

Step 11: Be amazed as it actually works. Except for not transferring your email subscribers.

Step 12: Waste hours looking at new designs so if anyone happens to visit your site from your old URL, they won’t be disgusted.

And that’s it! Easy peasy, right?


  1. I know exactly how you feel, Anne – lol!

    I’ve temporary gone back to the original WordPress for the Get Mazza to America project and will resurrect the old one on my site when I’m done next year but believe me, self-hosted is far more flexible with loads of juicy free plug-ins to boot.

    Hilarious piece – thanks!

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