How to retweet properly

A twitter retweet is when you post someone’s tweet to your followers. This is a great way to share information but it loses its value when overdone or done incorrectly.

Here are a few basic retweet rules:

  1. Always credit the original author of the tweet by using either “RT @username:” at the beginning of the tweet or  “(via @username)” at the end of the tweet
  2. If the tweet is too many characters, try to edit out unimportant words or use abbreviations
  3. If there are multiple names involved, leave the original author and the most recent retweeter (the person who you read the tweet from)
  4. In the case of multiple retweeters, use the “(via @username @username)” option instead of  “RT @username: RT @username” for easy readability
  5. ALWAYS add a personal comment to the tweet, even if it’s just a single word as it shows that you’ve read and value the tweet
  6. Don’t send retweet after retweet. Always mix up your twitter stream with some of your own content tweets and replies

It’s very important to build a twitter community among your followers. Retweet your bureau members/partners and hopefully they will do the same for you.


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