Jan 19 #tourismchat Transcript: Pinterest

A lot of destinations are using Pinterest now. In fact, I’ve been tracking 70+ DMOs on the network. To see which destinations are on it, check on this CVBs on Pinterest board.

Our January 19 #tourismchat focused on Pinterest. If you have time, read through the entire transcript. Here are my highlights.

What type of boards do you have?

  • jesslaw So far, we’ve broken our boards down into: play, stay, dine, shop and say “I Do” in #BucksCounty.
  • jamiemorgancda Beverage Finds, Recipes, Dining Out in the Northwest
  • theslynch We’re looking at a “made in <insert state>” board to tie into a print, app or e-pub.

How often do you pin?

  • NinaSunshine I try to pin something daily to keep it fresh. I just started though so we’ll see.
  • FSAustin Aiming for a couple of times a day, but quality/usefulness is more important than quantity to us
  • Joe_ExpCols I try to pin a couple times a day – once during the work day, and once at about 10:30 p.m. Very active time

Where are you sourcing your pins?

  • Amy_BrockI try to take a few minutes each week & pin from a few member websites. (Hotels, restaurants, shops)
  • NinaSunshine My first boards were mostly from our website & blog (traffic!). I needed more scenic photos so went to local blogs, Etsy.
  • FSAustin We follow all of our local wedding vendor blogs to source wedding-related pins. Very useful so far!

Are you following back people that follow your boards?

  • Amy_Brock No, at the moment trying to just follow our members/locals to keep easier tabs on content to repin.
  • MaddenMedia For now I am because most people who signed up aren’t too active. My feed hasn’t been overwhelming
  • Amy_Brock It is nice that you can follow 1 Board rather than a person.

How are you promoting your Pinterest efforts?

  • FSAustin Once we beef up our boards, we’ll promote via Twitter, Facebook, e-newsletter & hopefully icons on webpage
  • Joe_ExpCols our blog, Facebook, Twitter, PR, reaching out to influencers.

This is just a sampling of the chat conversation. How are you using Pinterest for your destination?

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