January Finds for Social Meetings & Events

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As I was going through my Google Reader this morning, I came across several excellent posts about social media usage for meetings and events.

Here are my favorites:

8 Ways to Make Your Meeting Twitter- and Blog-Friendly, by Jeff Hurt: This post is full of great tips on how to create blogger’s hub, an area for those using laptops to blog or tweet, and how to keep these bloggers/tweeps happy during the conference with little details that are often overlooked such as electrical outlets and wi-fi.

The Four Cs Of Social Engagement: Social Media For Events, also by Jeff Hurt: The focus here is on social engagement and developing a social media strategy (my favorite part!). It also has a great list of social media tools to consider using for your event.

The New Hybrid Frontier: How Will Events Evolve in 2011? by Mike McCurry: Hybrid Events, or at least Hybrid components for events, have become very popular. A hybrid event is “one in which organizers provide customers (potential attendees) the option of remote access to all, or a portion of the conference content, utilizing some or several forms of social technology.”

iPads and Other Tablets: New Mobile Options for Events and Trade Shows, by Corbin Ball: iPads and tablets should not be overlooked in 2011. This post gives several examples of how an iPad would enhance an event or trade show for both attendees and exhibitors.

How are you using social media and technology for your meetings and events?


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