Just be. Colorful.

I’ve been thinking about starting another photography project but with so many possibilities, it was hard to narrow down the idea. My main goal for this project is to create another photography commitment, similar to my Project 365, so I’ll shoot more frequently and enhance my skills but the big difference will be a non-daily commitment so I can work more on creativity, rather than discipline.

I’ve decided to focus on colors for this next project. The rules are going to be fairly simple: take at least 5 photos per month based on the themed color. And I’m stealing the “Just be.” phrase from a tourism campaign but only because it’s a great idea. Here’s the plan:

  • August: Just be. Yellow.
  • September: Just be. Red.
  • October: Just be. Orange.
  • November: Just be. Brown.
  • December: Just be. Silver.
  • January: Just be. White.
  • February: Just be. Black.
  • March: Just be. Blue.
  • April: Just be. Green.
  • May: Just be. Pink.
  • June: Just be. Purple.
  • July: Just be. Gold.

Join me on this colorful journey through my camera’s eye! Here are some of my Just be. Yellow. shots for August:

Yellow Hibiscus

Black-Eyed Susan


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