Owling in Gainesville, FL

First there was planking. Then came owling.

BowTie July: Day 18Planking became extremely popular in May, sweeping Australia and making its way to the US. It’s the art of lying down flat with yours arms stiff at your side. There’s a Planking Facebook page but I highly suggest checking out these 65 Best Planking Pictures From Around the World.

Owling, first documented on July 11, 2011, is a variation of planking where a person squats like an owl. Of course all the fun is in choosing a unique or strange location for your owling photo. You can find great examples in ‘Owling’ Is The New ‘Planking’ and there’s an Owling Facebook page as well.

Gainesville posted an owling photo on their Facebook wall this week. I think it’s great to see a CVB actually use a trend while it’s still trending. Way to go!

Give some love to my #SoMeT friend John Pricher by following Gainesville on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep your eye out for the next trend and don’t be afraid to jump on it!


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