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I remember coming home from school and watching The Donna Reed Show on Nick at Nite in the 80s. I so wanted to grow up and be just like her. Well the life of a 1950’s housewife is no longer in my future but I am still fascinated with all things retro and antique.

Luckily my parents have great saving habits so I’ve acquired a few antique items that used to belong to my grandma but I have only recently discovered the delightful experience of antiquing. Thanks to Dave Woodson‘s recommendation, I went antiquing in La Porte, IN this past weekend and came back with three great items.

My first find was a pair of gently used ice skates with a red & black houndstooth lining. It’s going to be a perfect Christmas decoration and it only cost $5. How could I pass that up?

My other two items are vintage postcards. I just loved thumbing through stacks of postcards, reading all of their messages and reliving their trips from decades ago. There’s something special about getting in the car and driving across the country. It’s the only way to experience a real road trip. 

The first postcard I bought was sent from Tampa on November 29, 1955. What caught my eye on this post card was the detail of their trip. They traveled 1,305 miles, used 61 gallons of gas, 8 quarts of oil and had one blowout tire. It also says that they took Route 231, which runs from St. John, IN to Panama City, FL.

The second postcard is of a daffodil field in Puyallup Valley, Washington, and has Mount Rainier in the background. It’s no secret that I love Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Frankly, that’s what first caught my eye but it was the message that made me buy this card. Irma, the sender, had been to Yellowstone Park, saw Old Faithful “in action” and was so enthusiastic about her trip. She even starts out with “Oh am I having fun!” The card was sent on August 9, 1937. You can read her message easily in this Flickr photo.

I’ve created a Flickr set of my postcard collection and will definitely be adding more to it. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have!


  1. I love this post, Anne. My parents were big into antiquing when I was a kid, and at the time, I absolutely hated it. I remember going into antique stores and being mortified I would knock something over, so I just walked around with my hands in my pockets.

    Now, I’ve developed a love for many antiques. I too have a postcard collection, but never thought of putting them on Flickr. Great idea!

    I collect the old linen postcards (like the ones you have pictured) about Texas from the ’30s through ’50s. I’ve got them in a western-looking leather bound photo album. In recent months, I’ve neglected my collection. Your post has inspired me to get going again.

    Oh, I once found a postcard sent from Galveston, TX in 1901. The message said something about how much fun they were having, but that they heard it might rain. The hurricane that destroyed the city hit 3 days later. It cost $40 and I didn’t buy it. I’m still kicking myself!

  2. THOSE skates are awesome!

    What a great idea for Christmas decor — and cheap. 🙂 I’m totally stealing that idea. I am now hot on the search for super cute antique ice skates! 🙂

    Postcards rock. It’s so fun to get a peek inside someone’s life from back in the day.

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