Pinterest’s Place Pins

I haven’t been this excited about a social media upgrade in a long time!

Pinterest introduced Place Pins today!

And the cool part is that they connected their map to Foursquare. So not only does it geotag correctly (remember the old days of Flickr geotagging?!), it also will pull in the address and telephone number of the place, based on its Foursquare listing. One more reason for CVBs to keep Foursquare on their list!

I went through and added pins from my lighthouse board to the map. I love how Pinterest kept the map very artistic. It’s very Pinteresty of them.

The process of adding a pin to the map is very simple. Foursquare’s search makes everything easy and fairly quick.

When you click through on a mapped place, it displays the address and phone number from the Foursquare listing, if available.

You also have the option to “Learn more” and click through to see the listing on Foursquare.

What I don’t like is how much real estate the map takes up on the screen. I think boards that use a more detailed map, such as a city or neighborhood, would be better than displaying the entire US, as in my board example.

The board now also only shows a width of two pins and I don’t know how that will affect the aesthetic look that we’re used to seeing on Pinterest. Personally I missed having more images on the screen.

Overall, this is a great benefit for all CVBs and DMOs on Pinterest. It may entice you to work on your Foursquare strategy a little more but it’s definitely worth the effort. My recommendation is to play around with only 1-2 boards at first and see how your followers react to them.

Share your Place Pins in the comments below!

Happy pinning!

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