Postcards: 100 years later

I started collecting antique postcards about a year ago and just picked up two more recently at The Antique Market of Michigan City. These two were not chosen for their image or travel-related message. Their messages amuse me, especially since they’re each over 100 years old.

This first one has a sunset image from the Seattle area. The message reads “Dear Ava, What’s the matter with you, Why don’t you write” and is dated from 1909. Perhaps I’m adding more sarcasm that what was intended but that’s exactly how I feel when people don’t reply to my emails.

Beautiful Washington postcard   Beautiful Washington postcard - message

The second postcard has a lovely image of sheep in Washington Park, Chicago. The message reads: “Dear Art: – your wife is dangerously ill. We just gave her soup and hot-a-mollies, but she needs some tulip-salve. How about it, old fellow?”

It was sent to someone in Chicago, from Chicago. Obviously it was not travel-related at all. Even though the message is quite serious, I like the ending.

Sheep in Washington Park, Chicago, Ill postcard   Sheep in Washington Park, postcard message

If you work in the tourism industry, please pick up some postcards the next time you travel. Here are some tips on writing postcards. We must keep this art alive!


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