Procrastination, my good friend

For me the hardest part of any project is to actually start it. I’ve been thinking about creating this blog for several months. I even have a list of potential blog post topics written down on a piece of paper. And I spent 4 hours last night perfecting the appearance of this blog and writing the About page. All that’s left is to write my first post. The very first post of my new blog. No pressure, right?

I’m sure it will not surprise you to learn that I’ve started this post 7 times already. My perfectionism usually aids the procrastination. But in order to not spend all day writing this post, I’ve decided to use this as an opportunity to convey my methods and goals for this blog. And please note that I am only disclosing these so that I can veer off of them, as I usually do.

Let’s start with the title: Tourism Land. Choosing a title is what held me for so long. I was brainstorming ideas with Kat (@oregonkat) and we came up with several sarcastic ideas full of inside jokes but none of them were good enough. And then came Tourism Land. My own little world full of geekiness, tourism and sarcasm. And that’s exactly how the sarcastic “it’s all about me” description came about.

You can be assured that this blog will not be “all about me” but instead will examine how social media is used, particularly within the tourism and travel industries. I also hope this blog can be used as an educational resource full of social media tips and tricks on how to receive the best results for your efforts.

Since most of my life revolves around tourism and social media, I will probably focus on those two areas but an additional goal for this blog is to inject a little humor into your life. This will most likely be accomplished by sharing stories of my wonderful (*insert sarcasm here) life. Consider this your warning.

Please keep me on my toes by asking questions and leaving comments. Even more than my love of teaching is my love of learning. It may be a bumpy ride but I urge you to keep your hands and arms OUTSIDE the vehicle at all times and join me on this journey.

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