Project 365: a year later

It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I started my photography Project 365. Not a day had gone by without me taking a photo, even if it was before I went to bed at 2am. Obviously some of those photos lacked creativity but there are a number of photos that I’m proud of. Here’s a sampling:

The beginning and the end (July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011):

Knot 001/365 Knot 365/365

My series of dog noses (Aug 9, 10, 11):

Chip 040/365 Freckle Face 041/365 Doodle Bug 042/365

One of the best sunsets I’ve ever shot (July 16):Sunset 016/365

The Seasons (Oct 25, Feb 5, Apr 30, June 7):

leaf 117/365 Sea of snow and ice 220/365 Stripes 304/365 Daisy 342/365

I lost my sweet Daisy to cancer in March (Jan 4, Feb 4, Mar 1):

My sunshine 188/365 My Cuddle Bug 216/365  Napping in the sun 244/365

The year included many home improvement headaches projects (Dec 21, Dec 26, Jan 8, Jan 9):
Joint Knives 174/365 First coat 179/365
Colors 192/365 Paint Sticks 193/365

But also an incredible trip to Holland (May 2, May 7):
Flags 306/365 Stamps 311/365

All in all, some of my most favorite shots capture the natural beauty of flowers:
Hibiscus 298/365 Tulip 316/365
Hydrangea 354/365 Hydrangea 364/365
Bloom 350/365
Stem 326/365 Buds 347/365
Sparkling Lily 234/365

Some have asked whether I’ll be starting another Project 365. I don’t believe I will but I have been thinking about other themed photography projects.


  1. Anne, I have truly enjoyed seeing your 365 project each day of the past year. You are a talented and creative photographer! I hope you do another photo project and share it with us.

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