Project 365

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a stalker. But don’t worry, it’s not really as cool as it sounds. I’ve been stalking CVB Facebook pages for a few months to gather data for competitive benchmarks. It’s really quite interesting to see the differences between these pages. As I was stalking and analyzing, I came across a post about Project 365. If you’re not familiar with this, Project 365 is a photography project where you take one photo every day for an entire year. It seemed like a huge commitment but it was a perfect addition to my July 1 mid-year resolutions.

What I hope to gain from this project:

  • improve my photography skills by daily practice
  • find the simple pleasures in every day
  • slow down in order to document life, one day at a time
  • compile a visual memory

I’m still very new at the project (today was Day 12) but I’m extremely happy with the results so far. I can look through my Project 365 Flickr set and see how many accomplishments have already been achieved in these short 12 days. If you’re interested in completing this project on your own, I highly recommend starting today. Please share your photos with me!

Day 1: Fence Post, still waiting for my fence to be installed

Day 5: Fire Engine, Fourth of July Parade

Day 9: Guitar, Austin street art


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