QR Codes in the Tourism Industry

Last week’s #tourismchat was on QR Codes and how they can be used in the tourism industry. If you have time, you should definitely read the full chat transcript. We were lucky to have two extremely knowledgeable people participating on this chat: John Foley (@johnfoleyjr) and QReate & Track (@QReateAndTrack).

Here are some of my takeaways:

  • QR codes can link to anything. Some link to targeted landing pages. Others link to an email address/contact info. The options are endless and can include videos, maps, photo galleries, text-messaging opt-ins, etc.
  • If you’re linking to a site, make sure it’s a mobile site
  • You can use a google link shortener to make a QR code that’s trackable
  • Another site for creating a QR code: http://qreateandtrack.com
  • A white paper by John Foley: Using QR Codes to Reach the Busy, Mobile Consumer
  • QReate & Track’s bog post: Measure QR Code Success

Here are a few examples of QR Codes in the tourism industry:

What is your experience with QR Codes? Will you be adding them to your marketing plan?


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