Social Media Best Practices on #tourismchat

Our February 23 #tourismchat focused on Social Media Best Practices and covered many platforms. Here are some highlights:

Twitter: What tools do you use? Any time-saving tips?

  • ELearningU TweetDeck, Hootsuite. Twellow is a great tool to find locals (LOVE Twellowhood)
  • Joe_ExpCols Google Reader for content, Sprout Social for monitoring. Google Analytics all day every day.
  • emilyforsha I’m a Tweetdeck girl, but use Hootsuite app for mobile. Love Google Reader to find content.

Facebook: What posts get the best interactions? How frequently do you post?

  • HeidiTown best interaction when you ask people their opinion. People love to share about themselves!
  • TourismCurrents Facebook posting. Photos, especially of food, do well. Love to send ’em from phone. Post 1-2/day, incl. weekends.
  • pagetx Any time I post food photos, my engagement goes through the roof. Fill in the blank works well too.

Flickr: Photostream and/or group? How much time do you spend per month here?

  • emilyforsha During fall foliage season & photo contest, a lot. Otherwise go in weekly to approve what folks are adding to group pool.
  • NinaSunshine I upload all our photos for our blog on Flickr. Prob spend about 16-20 hours per month on it.

YouTube: Do you have a custom channel (background image)? How frequently do you upload new videos?

  • WellsRobb we have changed our background based on the season or campaign.

Foursquare: Have you created Lists? Do you check-in as DMO? Leave tips?

  • DanielleRauch Lists, yes. Check-ins, no. We leave tips for each item on our lists though.

Blogs: WordPress vs other platforms? How frequently do you post?

  • ktrichter I use wordpress professionally and blogger personally. Posting 2 times a week professionally.
  • spowellhenning Blog once a week, minimum. So important to SEO.

Newer platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ — which do you use?

  • DanielleRauch Using Pinterest, no Iphone so we can’t use Instagram, have a G+ page but rarely update it, also on Foodspotting
  • NinaSunshine I personally use Instagram, but often use my photos on our blog, FB etc. We also use Pinterest. Set up a Google+ page
  • emilyforsha Use Instagram for our fall foliage campaign. Think more destinations should consider using it & Pinterest.

How do you manage social media AND your other job responsibilities?

  • carannmcc It’s difficult b/c managing SM can be/is a FT job in itself! Good tip: pick certain times of day to check/update.
  • ktrichter I set aside time each day for monitoring and reporting..helps with the time already set aside

For more details, check out the entire chat transcript.

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