St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse

When I need to get away from things, I usually end up on a short photography road trip. It’s the easiest way for me to escape from the normal routine and stress.  Some of my favorite spots are the Michigan lighthouses along Lake Michigan. Most of them are only a few hours away and make the perfect day trip.

My most recent trip was to St. Joseph, Michigan. The North Pier Light can be reached on the north side of the St. Joseph River but you can get equally amazing views of it from the south side of the river as well. If you want to walk out to the lighthouse, follow the directions to Tiscornia Park. The lighthouse will be on your left side. As you’re walking back to the parking lot, climb the small dune on your left for another great view.

If you’re up for more views, go back into town, heading west after you cross the St. Joseph River, and follow the signs towards the beach. There’s a great walking path that’s parallel to the pier.

Some of the best lighthouse shots I took were during the winter months of 2009. I’d be literally frozen by the time I got to a decent view of the lighthouse but the snow and ice combination was amazing.


  1. Jim Watkins

    I want to go to the Michigan coastline and shoot lighthouses. That is my goal for the summer. Maybe we’ll make it a flickr group field trip!

  2. Anne Hornyak

    Ooh, a flickr group field trip to some of these lighthouse would be amazing!

  3. Lena

    I was wondering when the best time during winter was to visit the lighthouse to see the ice formations on the lighthouse in full bloom. Can you tell me anything about that?
    Thanks in adcance!

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