State DMOs on Pinterest: March update

CVBs are doing a great job on Pinterest but are the US state DMOs keeping up?

Kind of.

Out of the 46 state DMOs on Pinterest, 12 accounts were inactive last month and didn’t pin one single image from February 6 – March 4, 2013. And then an additional 7 DMOs that pinned 5 images or less during that same period. There were only 7 inactive accounts the previous month. Is this trend growing? Are DMOs losing interest in Pinterest?

Not all of them! Here are the most active state DMOs on Pinterest:

  1. Georgia – pinned 248 images (from February 6 – March 4)
  2. Texas – 144 pins
  3. Tennessee – 132 pins
  4. Ohio – 49 pins
  5. Missouri – 48 pins
  6. Nebraska – 42 pins
  7. South Dakota – 41 pins
  8. Arizona – 41 pins
  9. Maryland – 38 pins
  10. Utah – 33 pins

State DMOs typically have gained a decent amount of followers in a short period of time once they start promoting their account across their other social channels. The average state gains approx 50-150 followers each month. You’ll notice below that being an active pinner doesn’t always result in a strong growth in followers. For example, Hawaii gained 202 followers but did not pin any images in the same period of time.

Here are the top DMOs that gained the most followers from February 6 – March 4:

  1. Texas – 30,071 new followers
  2. Michigan – 3,194 followers
  3. Colorado – 637 followers
  4. Florida – 392 followers
  5. Georgia – 315 followers
  6. Ohio – 294 followers
  7. Hawaii – 202 followers
  8. South Dakota – 182 followers
  9. Massachusetts – 180 followers
  10. California – 179 followers

In terms of total followers, the top 10 states (as of March 4) are Texas, Michigan, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Hawaii, Ohio and Wyoming. Below is a full list of all 46 states, ranked by total followers.

A few notes:

  • Texas is featured by Pinterest to new users when they sign up and has seen astronomical growth in followers since then.
  • Colorado ran a Pinterest campaign in January, which helped them gain over 2,000 followers during that period.
  • Michigan had only been gaining 500-600 new followers per month previously but saw an increase of 3,195 last month.
  • Most of the other state DMOs have been growing at approximately the same rate month per month.

Is your state DMO on the list? Are you on my CVBs on Pinterest board? If not, leave a comment below!

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