State DMOs on Pinterest: October Update

Can you believe that 47 state DMOs have Pinterest accounts?!

I know what you’re thinking… Are they all active accounts? Which states pin the most? Which states have the most followers? Well, I’m here to answer these questions!

As far as I could tell, the only state DMOs that are not on Pinterest yet are Minnesota, Rhode Island and Washington. I’ve checked their website and searched Pinterest for potential usernames but could not find these DMOs. If they’re on Pinterest, please send me note so I can track them!

*Note: all of this data was collected October 1 except for Alabama and Tennessee as I only discovered their accounts this morning.

In terms of activity, Georgia, Texas and Alaska pinned the most images since my last update in June. There were only 4 accounts who did not pin at all during these past few months.

When it comes to total amount of pins, Maryland and Georgia take the lead with over 1,000 pins each!

The ranking by total followers is a bit skewed as it appears that Pinterest is promoting one of Texas’ boards to new users when they sign up. (Pinterest makes each user select 5 images that they like and then that user automatically follows accounts related to those images.)

Which states DMOs do you follow on Pinterest?

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