Savannah – a #winning CVB

How do you know when a CVB is doing a FANTASTIC job on twitter? When they get a review like this from a travel professional: Amy Brock is the epitome of a Tourism Geek. If you’re in the tourism industry, put her on your watch list!

MT on Twitter

If you’re on twitter, you already know that “RT” stands for retweet — forwarding or re-posting someone’s tweet to your followers. Well I’ve been noticing a new trend and it turns out that it’s not new at all. At least in terms of social media time.

People have been using “MT” to indicate a Modified Tweet. It’s basically a retweet that’s been edited. Makes sense, right? I’ve been seeing it more and more recently but I found mentions of this in blogs from as far back as August 2010. That’s ancient history on twitter.

When should you use MT instead of RT? Here are three answers:

More twitter abbreviations you should know:…

Tourism Talk: Visit Savannah’s Amy Brock

Amy Brock is the Social Media Manager at Visit Savannah. What makes Amy unique is not her Bacon Twitter list. Ok, maybe that does give her a certain je ne sais quoi. But what I’m most fascinated with are her CVB niche social media accounts. Not only does Amy maintain a fantastic social media presence for Savannah’s leisure tourism, she also maintains accounts for other CVB departments such as meetings, sports and weddings.

Here’s some insight on Amy, Visit Savannah and bacon.


How long have you worked at the Savannah CVB?

I have worked for Visit Savannah (formerly known as Savannah Convention & Visitors Bureau) since November 2005, after working in the tourism industry in Charleston, SC for several years.  I’ve held positions with Visit Savannah in the Convention Sales Department as well as in the Marketing and Communications Department as Media Buyer and later on as Internet Marketing Manager.  After having my daughter in 2008, I decided not to return to work so I could focus on motherhood; that lasted about a month.  It was at that time that I found myself right in the middle of a big Twitter conversation and realized there was a huge opportunity for destination marketing organizations that Savannah was missing out on!  After a conversation with Visit Savannah’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, I was contracted to begin a small social media campaign.  Almost 2 years later I am managing 5 Twitter Accounts, 4 Flickr Groups and 5 (soon to be 6) Facebook Pages.…