Twitter Platforms

Long gone are the days of going to to tweet but with all the twitter platform options available, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Especially if you have multiple twitter accounts or watch several twitter searches.

Here are my two favorites:

TweetDeck: I like TweetDeck because it provides real-time tweets. This is great for things like participating in #tourismchat as you don’t have to refresh the column. You can customize the visual and audio notifications for each column and there doesn’t seem to be a limit on columns. I currently have 25 columns, 80% of which are for hashtags, searches or lists of followers. TweetDeck is free but you have to download the platform, which might not be ideal if you’re using an office computer.

HootSuite: One of the best features of HootSuite is the ability to set up separate tabs with multiple columns in each tab. So I can have a tab for each twitter account and then a separate tab for searches or hashtags. Or I can mix search or hashtag columns in my main tab. However there is a limit of 10 columns (streams) per tab. Another great feature is to set up team users, if you have multiple people managing the same twitter account, so that you can see who replies to which tweet. With additional team members, plans can get a little pricey. Free plans are available. Pro plans ($5.99/month) are needed for teams ($15/member per month). HootSuite is web-based so there’s nothing to download.

These are a two platforms I’m exploring but I don’t currently use for tweeting:…