Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video has been available to all users and Facebook pages for a little more than one month now and I’ve already seen a few destinations using it. As with any of your social media efforts, it’s essential to have a strategy or plan in mind before you tap that Live Video button and…

Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook recently launched Canvas ads – a new, interactive ad experience specifically designed for mobile devices. It’s easy to showcase products in Canvas and, with the focus on photos and videos, this ad is perfect for destinations. Users can scroll on images or swipe through a gallery, both of which can generate inspiration to travel.…

Easy Facebook Tips

Want more engagement on your Facebook page? Change the way you write your page’s posts. Here are five simple tips: Keep it short and be concise. Don’t use more than two sentences. Want likes? Ask for it. Ask your fans to “click like” in the post copy. Want comments? Try a fill-in-the-blank post. Photos work…

Social Media Best Practices on #tourismchat

Our February 23 #tourismchat focused on Social Media Best Practices and covered many platforms. Here are some highlights:

Twitter: What tools do you use? Any time-saving tips?

  • ELearningU TweetDeck, Hootsuite. Twellow is a great tool to find locals (LOVE Twellowhood)
  • Joe_ExpCols Google Reader for content, Sprout Social for monitoring. Google Analytics all day every day.
  • emilyforsha I’m a Tweetdeck girl, but use Hootsuite app for mobile. Love Google Reader to find content.

Facebook: What posts get the best interactions? How frequently do you post?

  • HeidiTown best interaction when you ask people their opinion. People love to share about themselves!
  • TourismCurrents Facebook posting. Photos, especially of food, do well. Love to send ’em from phone. Post 1-2/day, incl. weekends.
  • pagetx Any time I post food photos, my engagement goes through the roof. Fill in the blank works well too.

Flickr: Photostream and/or group? How much time do you spend per month here?…

Adding a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page

Pinterest currently does not have an API available but there’s a fairly easy work around to adding your Pinterest account or a single Pinterest board as a tab on your Facebook page.

I found these instructions by Karen Moran and tested them on a Facebook page. Her How to add a Pinterest tab to a Facebook page post walks you through creating a Facebook app and then connecting it to the mobile version of Pinterest, either directing to your entire Pinterest account or specifically to one board. If I can do it, so can you!

Since it’s the mobile version of Pinterest, the tab is a little clunky but it works well and is a great solution until Pinterest’s API is available.

Here’s an example of my test page’s tab, connected to my Pinterest account. Clicking on the board will display the board’s pins within the Facebook tab. From there, you can click on individual pins but that’s where the spacing gets off. You can repin, like, edit (if looking at your account) or even add comments but you have to scroll across to see the entire pin. There also isn’t the option to go back to the board/previous screen so you have to right-click your mouse and hit back.…

Changing Your Facebook Page’s Name

It used to be that the only way to change your Facebook page’s name was to delete the old page, create a new one and slowly try to pull all your old fans over. Not anymore!

Facebook recently created a form where you can submit a name change for your Page. It’s very easy and a great option! Thanks, Facebook! And thanks to Robert Patterson for passing along this info!

Changing your page’s name can greatly impact your fan base. Brian Matson was able to change his CVB’s page name (before this form was available) and has seen tremendous results.

So far I’ve personally heard of three CVBs that successfully changed their names by using this form. The entire process took about a week. I also heard of one CVB that was denied a name change. Part of the reason was that their company name had “CVB” in it, as well as their logo/profile picture.…

Facebook’s Timeline for Pages: Resources

I’m sure most of you have already heard about Facebook’s new Timeline format for pages and some of you have probably already switched over. If you haven’t made the switch yet, check out The Complete Guide To Facebook Timeline Pages.

Another great post about Timeline is The new Facebook business timeline pages – what’s missing and what’s new? It walks you through all the features and provides some great examples of pages.

If you’re anything like me and want to make sure all your images look great on your page, take a look at The Most Precise Measurements Of Timeline Page Images. It gives you all the dimensions you’ll need:

  • Cover photo: 851 by 315
  • Profile picture: 180 by 180
  • App image: 111 by 74
  • Thumbnail: 32 by 32
  • Images within wall posts: 404 by 404
  • Highlighted and milestone images: 843 by 403…

Best Practices for Facebook from #tourismchat

#tourismchat is a twitter chat focused on social media in the tourism industry. Our Nov 3 (2011) chat featured Facebook as the topic.

Even though Facebook is constantly changing (and I’m way behind in my blog), I wanted to share these #tourismchat highlights here. I think a lot of the tweets in this chat can help you build a solid strategy or inspire you to try new things on Facebook.

Q1: Is your page geared towards leisure tourism only? Do you have separate niche pages?

  • jennrush03 We just have the one page for our CVA that’s mainly leisure travel. Our other 2 facebook pages are for events we run.
  • scullyano We have one FB page for all leisure, meetings, groups, weddings, etc.
  • thefrontrowe Our page is predominantly leisure tourism, but also aimed at growing local advocacy.
  • maddenmedia A1: Facebook works best with B2C markets. Might be best to create a custom B2B app/tab dedicated to a specific niche on 1 page.

Q2: How often do you update your Facebook page? What time? Evenings/weekends too?

  • emilyforsha Plan is to move toward twice daily, morning and evening.
  • maddenmedia No more than three times a day, but we strive for one to two posts per day on pages we administer.
  • bobf_vstpgh We generally update no more than 2-3 times per day and try to keep several hours between posts.

Q3: What tabs do you have on your page? Welcome tab, booking engine, etc. Are you tracking links to these tabs?…

Fact: Facebook Owns 95% Of Social Networking Time

A recent post at Business Insider states that Facebook accounts for 95% of social networking time on the web in the U.S. according to an analysis of comScore data provided to us by web publisher Ben Elowitz of Wetpaint. If your business or organization is not already on Facebook, now is the time to create…

Making Events Social: Infographic

Events and conferences are utilizing social media for promotion as well as to enhance the attendee experience. Whether conferences, meetings or festivals, marketing your events with twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is very beneficial. Check out this infographic from cvent:…