Integrating Pinterest on your site

Now that you’re on Pinterest and actively pinning, it’s time to promote you efforts!

One example of how to do it correctly is this SXSW Survival Guide. What I love most about this site is the design. Clicking on each category takes you to that specific Pinterest board.

Another great example is the Experience Grand Rapids Social Lounge. Not only is Pinterest showcased here, but they also have Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube as well their blog, podcasts and other efforts connected so you can easily find and follow all of their social channels.…

Two Pinterest Contests: Adorama & Better Homes and Gardens

There have been several “Pin it to win it” contests on Pinterest lately but none that I’ve seen in the tourism space. Here are two good examples (Adorama and Better Homes and Gardens) that can may inspire you to manage your own Pinterest contest.


In celebration of their newly launched Pinterest account, Adorama is running an #iloveadorama contest.

Here are the contest specs:


  • Very short contest period won’t allow contest fatigue
  • Rules are explained clearly on landing page
  • Pin must be of an image you’ve taken yourself (copyright legality)


  • Contest period may be too short to allow an optimal amount of entries
  • People might not understand what a hashtag is or how to use it
  • There’s a lot of controversy about Pinterest copyrights right now, especially among photographers
  • Contest details are not listed on Pinterest board, which is where the Facebook post linked
  • People may not understand that the pin with the most “likes” will be named winner
  • A specific voting period (where people can “like” the pin) was not clarified so pins that enter first have a greater chance of earning more likes

Results so far? …

US DMOs on Pinterest: By State

By now you’ve heard about which CVBs have an active Pinterest presence but have you wondered how they stack up when comparing states? 

The 108 US CVBs on Pinterest represent 36 states in total.

Number of CVBs

The chart to the right depicts the breakdown by state. All stats were recorded on March 11.

Texas takes the lead with 16 total CVBs on Pinterest. I’m not really surprised by this. Claire Isabel, an influential Pinterest user, found me on Pinterest and shared this Texans are pinning it BIG! blog post. Her passion for Texas is amazing. She created a Texans are pinning it BIG! Pinterest board and added many of the Texas CVBs as contributors. Several of the collaborating CVBs have been actively pinning items to that board.

This concept would work wonderfully for state DMOs. CVBs can also create neighborhood boards and collaborate with attractions, restaurants or hotels in those specific locations.

The top 5 list is rounded out with California (11 CVBs), Illinois (8 CVBs), Ohio (7 CVBs) and Florida (6 CVBs).

Number of CVBs

This information is great but it doesn’t really tell us the most active states when it comes to pins or followers. I think these two metrics are important for determining active Pinterest users. …

Adding a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page

Pinterest currently does not have an API available but there’s a fairly easy work around to adding your Pinterest account or a single Pinterest board as a tab on your Facebook page.

I found these instructions by Karen Moran and tested them on a Facebook page. Her How to add a Pinterest tab to a Facebook page post walks you through creating a Facebook app and then connecting it to the mobile version of Pinterest, either directing to your entire Pinterest account or specifically to one board. If I can do it, so can you!

Since it’s the mobile version of Pinterest, the tab is a little clunky but it works well and is a great solution until Pinterest’s API is available.

Here’s an example of my test page’s tab, connected to my Pinterest account. Clicking on the board will display the board’s pins within the Facebook tab. From there, you can click on individual pins but that’s where the spacing gets off. You can repin, like, edit (if looking at your account) or even add comments but you have to scroll across to see the entire pin. There also isn’t the option to go back to the board/previous screen so you have to right-click your mouse and hit back.…

International DMOs on Pinterest

Many international DMOs have recently started to use Pinterest as another platform to promote their destinations. Since my list was created in mid-February, there has been a significant increase — from 3 to 26 international DMOs on Pinterest, as of March 10.

Of these 26, there are only 10 DMOs that have solid accounts with 75 or more pins. The chart on the right depicts the top 10 international DMOs with the most pins.

Visit Norway is clearly leading the way with 300 pins, 18 boards and 162 followers.

In terms of number of pins, close behind Visit Norway are the following DMOs: Visit Peak District (299 pins, 15 boards), Visit Trentino (284 pins, 18 boards), Visit Melbourne (236 pins, 9 boards), Visit Abu Dhabi (191 pins, 12 boards), Tourism Vancouver (122 pins, 9 boards), Visit Tuscany (117 pins, 8 boards), Calgary (103 pins, 3 boards), Visit Jordan (98 pins, 13 boards) and Visit London (75 pins, 7 boards).

Below that are 7 DMOs with a decent start (23-43 pins each), 4 DMOs with less than 11 pins each and 5 DMOs that have inactive accounts with 0 pins.

In terms of number of followers, Visit Norway is still at the top with 162 followers. 

Behind Visit Norway are the following DMOs: …

Pinterest Week

As most of you know, I’ve been dealing with mono for the past 11 weeks. It’s been a slow and frustrating recovery but I’m finally at the point where life is almost normal again. In celebration of this milestone, I’ve spent most of the weekend preparing posts for … wait for it ……. Pinterest Week!

What can you expect from me this week? Well I’m starting the week early and ending it late because there are just too many posts to fit in otherwise. These posts are not going to discuss how to use Pinterest because there are already plenty of those available. My Pinterest posts this week will focus on how the tourism industry uses Pinterest as well tips on how to add it to your current social media efforts.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Today’s post is about brands on Pinterest and how you can stand out among all the images.
  • On Monday we’ll take a look at which international DMOs are using Pinterest and how they stack up. There are charts and even a map so be ready to get your geek on.
  • On Tuesday you can follow step-by-step instructions to add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page. Yes, even before the Pinterest API is available.
  • Wednesday has the biggest post of the week and examines the list of US and Canadian CVBs (and DMOs) on Pinterest. For a refresher, read through the February 22 post. The list of CVBs is now at 110 so you can anticipate some great stats.
  • On Thursday is an analysis of the US CVBs on Pinterest by state. One state will be crowned as the most Pinteresting.
  • Friday’s post examines two Pinterest contests and hopefully will inspire you to run a Pinterest contest of your own.
  • And Saturday’s post will help you pull everything together with some examples of how to promote your Pinterest account as well as other social media channels. Think of it as a Pintegration.

Now let’s get started.

The best way to fully understand something is to watch what others are doing. Since most of you are in the tourism industry, you can take a look at the CVBs on Pinterest but you’ll see a lot of accounts that are doing very similar things. That’s great if you just want to fit it but if you want to stand out, you have to look at the bigger picture. Look at what big brands are doing and then tweak that to work for your destination.

I came across this Brands on Pinterest board several weeks ago and fell in love with it. It was actually the inspiration for my CVBs on Pinterest board. According to a recent blog post, there are over 250 brands on Pinterest and Mashable has listed the most-followed brands on Pinterest. Many of the brands that I’ve looked at have little or no activity which is actually a little disappointing to me. However, there are several brand accounts that stand out. …