Fact: Facebook Owns 95% Of Social Networking Time

A recent post at Business Insider states that Facebook accounts for 95% of social networking time on the web in the U.S. according to an analysis of comScore data provided to us by web publisher Ben Elowitz of Wetpaint. If your business or organization is not already on Facebook, now is the time to create…

Twitter tools: Friend or Follow

Go beyond the basics of twitter by maintaining your twitter followers. This is especially important if you’re trying to increase your followers and you’re stuck around the 2,000 mark. (Twitter only allows you to follow 2,000 people until you have a similar amount of followers.)

FriendorFollow is a great tool to see
1. Follows: who you’re following that are not following you back
2. Fans: who is following you but you are not following back
3. Friends: mutual followings

This tool also allows you to export your follows, fans and friends and provides follower location data.…