Tracking: it’s not just for reports

Tracking is an important part of social media, even more so than in traditional marketing methods. You might already be tracking basic stats to include in reports but that’s only touching the surface. Tracking is not complete without analysis.

How can you tell that you’re not wasting time?

On Twitter:

  1. Are people clicking on your links? I recommend using or to track the click-through rates of your links. But don’t just stop there. Categorize your links into themes. Are your culinary tweets getting more clicks than your art/culture tweets? Find out what topics your followers seem to be interested it.
  2. Are twitter followers replying to you? If no one’s talking to you then you must be the one to start the conversation. Ask questions like “What’s on your Chicago must-see list?” and retweet some of the answers. Keep track of the amount of replies/mentions you receive each month. …

Using BudURL

A great resource for tracking links, BudURL can also give you insight on which themes gather the most interest among your followers. An easy way to do this is by creating a BudURL label for each theme such as architecture, culinary, destination (a catch-all category), family, nightlife, etc.

Once you create your theme labels, all you have to do is check off the corresponding box as you shrink your URL.

When analyzing or creating a report on your URL click-thru stats,…