Happy 10th Birthday, Twitter!

Twitter enters the double digits today! To celebrate, many Twitter users are expressing their happiness with the #LoveTwitter hashtag and posting their #FirstTweet. To find your (or any user’s) first tweet, go to https://discover.twitter.com/first-tweet and enter your Twitter username. Starting in 🇦🇺 on 3/21 and moving across the 🌍, we thank you for 10 incredible…

Twitter Best Practices: #tourismchat

Our previous #tourismchat was on March 8 and focused on Twitter. If you have time, read through the entire chat transcript. Here are my highlights:

What are your favorite twitter tools?

  • jesslaw Hands down, Hootsuite. Love the ability to schedule tweets and monitor multiple accounts and keywords.
  • Joe_ExpCols I’m a Sprout Social guy.
  • midwestguest I really rely on the list function at Twitter itself as a tool…rather than Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or the like.

How many tweets do you send a day? Evening or weekends too?

  • DanielleRauch I send about 5-6 per week day, depending on what’s needed. Not as much on weekends
  • HeidiTown I find that you’ll hit an entirely new demographic if you send or live tweet at night.
  • jesslaw We aim for 18-20 tweets a day, but usually exceed that. Def. on weekends! That’s when tourists are visiting.

What do you think are the most important metrics for Twitter? …

Social Media Best Practices on #tourismchat

Our February 23 #tourismchat focused on Social Media Best Practices and covered many platforms. Here are some highlights:

Twitter: What tools do you use? Any time-saving tips?

  • ELearningU TweetDeck, Hootsuite. Twellow is a great tool to find locals (LOVE Twellowhood)
  • Joe_ExpCols Google Reader for content, Sprout Social for monitoring. Google Analytics all day every day.
  • emilyforsha I’m a Tweetdeck girl, but use Hootsuite app for mobile. Love Google Reader to find content.

Facebook: What posts get the best interactions? How frequently do you post?

  • HeidiTown best interaction when you ask people their opinion. People love to share about themselves!
  • TourismCurrents Facebook posting. Photos, especially of food, do well. Love to send ’em from phone. Post 1-2/day, incl. weekends.
  • pagetx Any time I post food photos, my engagement goes through the roof. Fill in the blank works well too.

Flickr: Photostream and/or group? How much time do you spend per month here?…

Twitter Tools: TweetsBetween and TweepsMap

I’ve recently discovered two Twitter tools that are great for twitter reporting and analysis. The first site, TweetsBetween, displays the tweets posted between two Twitter users. It’s super easy to use and is great if you need a screen shot of a Twitter conversation for a report. The only downfall is that it can only…

Savannah – a #winning CVB

How do you know when a CVB is doing a FANTASTIC job on twitter? When they get a review like this from a travel professional: Amy Brock is the epitome of a Tourism Geek. If you’re in the tourism industry, put her on your watch list!

MT on Twitter

If you’re on twitter, you already know that “RT” stands for retweet — forwarding or re-posting someone’s tweet to your followers. Well I’ve been noticing a new trend and it turns out that it’s not new at all. At least in terms of social media time.

People have been using “MT” to indicate a Modified Tweet. It’s basically a retweet that’s been edited. Makes sense, right? I’ve been seeing it more and more recently but I found mentions of this in blogs from as far back as August 2010. That’s ancient history on twitter.

When should you use MT instead of RT? Here are three answers:

More twitter abbreviations you should know:…

How to lose respect on twitter

There are several ways to lose respect on twitter but the fastest two ways are scheduling tweets without checking mentions and spamming hashtags. Someone has been spamming a few hashtags I follow. He’s using scheduled tweets and actually sent the exact same tweet at 2pm two days in a row. I tried reaching out to…

Tourism Twitterers

If you’re not already following Betsy Decillis on twitter, do it now. She just released an updated list of the Top 100 Most Influential Tourism Professionals – October Edition. Check it out! And if you want an easy way to follow all these tourism professionals, follow Betsy’s Top Tourism Pros twitter list. I love the…

Adorama + Twitter = Great Customer Service

If you’ve been to my house, you’ve probably noticed my wall of photos: a number of 11×17 framed prints of my favorite photos. I change them out regularly and always use Adorama for printing. They provide excellent quality and ship the photos in a flat box. I’ve never had any problems until last month’s shipment. UPS bent the box so badly that all of the photos had deep creases in them. I’ve tweeted to @AdoramaPix before and love their twitter efforts.

When I saw the bent UPS box, I instantly sent twitpics and tagged @AdoramaPix in them. After a few DMs, a new set of prints were on their way. I didn’t have to login to my account on the Adorama site. I didn’t have to contact customer service. I only tweeted. The results: a VERY happy customer as they communicated with me on my preferred platform.

Adorama’s print quality is excellent. I’ve recommended them to friends before and I will continue to recommend them, especially after experiencing their amazing customer service first-hand.

Thank you, Adorama. I will be a loyal customer for life.…

Making Events Social: Infographic

Events and conferences are utilizing social media for promotion as well as to enhance the attendee experience. Whether conferences, meetings or festivals, marketing your events with twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is very beneficial. Check out this infographic from cvent:…