The Laughing Gull

I’ve always said that if something needs explanation, don’t use it. And yet I’ve broken this rule with the seagull photo for this blog. So please let me explain why I chose this photo to represent Tourism Land.

First of all, a little background information: I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of birds but I don’t like touching them or having them too close to me and yet, somehow, they fascinate me. I love coastlines so most of the birds that I photograph are seagulls and now I’ve developed a slight obsession with them. And by “slight” I mean that it’s pretty much out of hand. Have you seen my seagull Flickr set?

If you’re not aware already, I tend to over-analyze things. Everything. Including photos. I took this particular photo around Grand Traverse Lighthouse in Northern Michigan on Girls Getaway trip last year. What I see in this photo is a seagull laughing in the middle while the others are obviously annoyed with him.

I liken the birds in this photo to my tourism BFFs but really hope that we’re actually rotating positions and that I’m not the “laughing gull” all of the time because even though I sarcastically use “it’s all about me” as a tag line here, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

My hope is to alternate the blog photo as I delve further into photography but for now, let’s settle with the Laughing Gull.


  1. I’d say the seagull is singing and two are listening very attentively and the other two seem to be distracted 😉 I checked out your flickr site and you seem to be a bit obsessed with them, but they sure enliven those beautiful photos. I particularly love the atmospheric sunsets.

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