Things I Learned This Week: April 15

Breaking routine:

  1. Traveling truly renews the spirit. And a little sunshine goes a long way. I was in Southwest Florida for work a few days this week. As most of you know, I have a lingering case of mono and it’s been flaring up a lot recently, especially during this trip, with additional symptoms. You’d think that it wouldn’t last this long but recent tests revealed that the virus is still actively present. As exhausting as this week was, I think getting out of my normal routine helped tremendously. Being sick for this long really takes a toll on you mentally, which is even worse than the incessant exhaustion.
  2. Online communication is great but there’s nothing better than seeing people IRL.
  3. I met some incredibly inspiring people this week. It’s amazing how a few good conversations can change your entire outlook.
  4. Pin of the week:

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