Things I learned this week: April 28

I was FINALLY starting to feel a little more normal again. For most of the week. And then it hit me. Hard.

  1. I’m still sick. I’ve already slept for 12 hours and will probably take another nap this afternoon. Usually I feel physically worn out and I just have to lay around and rest but this time my body is craving sleep too. I had 4 REALLY good days this week and must have overdone it. I mowed the backyard Wednesday night and the front yard Thursday night so that probably didn’t help. At least it’s the weekend so I can rest as much as possible before Monday. <sigh>
  2. You can embed Pinterest pins. I don’t think this is probably new but it’s new to me. I do have a problem with the caption/credit lining up properly though. (Look below.)
  3. I don’t think I shared this before but you can create an amazing Pinterest tab on your Facebook page with woobox: This looks much better than the hack I blogged about a few weeks ago.
  4. Google docs do not show up for my blog’s email subscribers. If you’re one of them, check out my latest Pinterest post online.
  5. Pin of the week:

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

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