Things I learned this week: August (12) 16

Last weekend got away from me. I flew to Portland Sunday and couldn’t find time to blog until this morning so this is a 1.5 weekly update.

  1. Travel so rewarding. I got to see two friends on this trip in addition to my amazing colleagues. Life is good.
  2. Some things can’t be explained. I just discovered (thanks to Katie) that Texas Tourism has over 31,000 Pinterest followers!! I did a little research but haven’t figured out why just yet. They’re adding a few hundred followers every hour. A gold star to anyone who can help research this! Most of their boards have 400-500 followers but their Texas Beaches board is the one that’s carrying the account.
  3. iPhone or Android?? The answer will be iPhone. This afternoon. I’m really excited.
  4. Pin of the week:

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