Things I learned this week: August 5

So it’s 9pm on Tuesday night. I just took my “lunchtime” shower because I didn’t get a lunch break today and I still have more work to finish. Dinner might not happen tonight because I’m too exhausted to make anything.

I realized this morning that I completely forgot to write my blog post over the weekend so it’s a little late this week. Not a little late. Very late.

  1. Savannah and Nashville both have Pinterest contests running right now. I was hoping to write individual posts about each one but, alas, I have no free time. Maybe later in the week…
  2. Here’s a great review of 3 Pinterest sites from The Travel Van.
  3. I’ve been taking most weekends off for a personal life but it’s just not possible to get all of my work accomplished during the week, even with 10+ hour days. I’m really struggling with this internal battle and have become completely burned out. I desperately need a break.
  4. Pin of the week:

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