Things I learned this week: Dec 20

Lots of thoughts…

  1. Millie’s had slight laryngeal paralysis for a few years but it’s starting to get much worse lately. She gets so excited when people come over but then she can’t catch her breath and just lies on the floor, hyperventilating. Apparently when it gets bad, I’m not supposed to worry if she passes out in the process. Luckily this hasn’t happened yet. The vet gave us an anxiety pill that I can administer before situations if I know they’re going to occur. She’s only 11 years old and I’m having a hard time dealing with the fact that my remaining years with her are numbered.
  2. Chip has been going to clicker classes and is making some progress!
  3. I’m finally able to replace some of my windows (they’re original to the 1956 house) but am astounded by how pushy some salesmen are. Two of the four companies are off my short list just for this reason alone.
  4. And speaking of bad businesses, a local company let a good employee go this week. The way things were handled is a little fishy. Social media gurus were involved so I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised.
  5. I’m presenting a webinar on Pinterest for the Travel Industry Association of Kansas on January 22. I recommend signing up (duh!) if you’d like to learn more about promoting your destination Pinterest.
  6. I can’t stop listening to Joss Stone.
  7. Pin of the week:

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