Things I Learned This Week: March 10

Inspired by Ryan Nance’s 5 things I learned today posts on Google Plus, I’m starting a weekly post that examines new learnings. Some of these will most likely be educational, especially in the world of social media, while others will just be little life lessons, some of which will probably beĀ saturated in sarcasm.

  1. It’s possible to create a Pinterest tab on a Facebook page. (More to come this week.)
  2. After months of being sick with mono, getting out feels INCREDIBLE, even if it set me back a little with the recovery.
  3. Dinosaurs affect Klout. (More to come on this as well.)
  4. Not everyone replies to emails as much as geeks do. If I email you, please make an effort to reply.
  5. When collaborations and partnerships actually come together, it’s a beautiful thing.
  6. Pin of the week:


  1. Katie Cook

    So glad you are posting the Top Things you learn each week. That way we can learn even more from you! I’m so happy you are feeling better. šŸ™‚

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