Things I learned this week: Sept 2

After a week in Atlanta, I’m back home again In Indiana and it feels so good. I’m slowly catching up on sleep, getting my fill of puppy kisses and even got to spend time with Dave and his nieces, singing spelling songs in the car.

  1. Atlanta is hot.
  2. It’s good to be home.
  3. I started updating my CVBs on Pinterest board and research. Hoping to get a new blog post out this week.
  4. Instead of a pin of the week, here are a few music videos:

Back Home Again in Indiana:

I just can’t get enough of this. My new favorite song:

My heart melts every time I listen to João Gilberto. He, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Johnny Alf established the Bossa Nova in the 1950s. Listen to how simplistic he makes the intricate rhythms sound with his phrasing:

And speaking of phrasing, there’s no one better than Sinatra. With autumn around the corner, I’m starting to think of Christmas already. Most of my favorite Christmas songs are the older ones, of course, and I used to play The Christmas Waltz each year on the organ. I started taking organ lessons when I was in 2nd grade. Yep, a music geek way back then too. To get you in the Christmas spirit:

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