#tourismchat Highlights: QR Codes

The October 13 #tourismchat discussed QR Codes and their use in the tourism industry. Take a few minutes to read the entire chat transcript. For a condensed version, here are my highlights:

What’s the most creative use you’ve experienced with QR codes in tourism?

  • @maddenmedia  I’ve seen them used on visitor signs to download maps of the area, especially for hikers.
  • @JoeGiessler We’ve incorporated our ‘hi’ logo into some QR code designs & used it on banners at trade shws to link to FB/mobi site
  • @TomMartin on personalized DM: scan>>personalized microsite w/personalized video inviting MP to host meeting in city
  • @WhosYourAnnie I love the @VisitSanAntonio River Walk QR Code tours: http://t.co/cFcTvlTj
  • @thompsonpaul using a QR code to visitor content/apps on the door of a Visitor Info Centre for when they’re closed
  • @WhosYourAnnie here are a few other QR Code/tourism examples via @travel2dot0: http://t.co/SFg5Waiy
  • @JoeGiessler An Ohio wine fstvl used them at lines so ppl could get info on the winery they were ab to try while waiting

What’s the most creative use of QR codes in non-tourism campaigns?

Have you used QR Codes before? Where?

  • @theresaoverby Mainly in print. Most successful is on airport/concierge signage directing visitors to mobile site.
  • @maddenmedia We used them at an outdoor festival to giveaway subscriptions. They were on pavement vinyl stickers and sandwich boards.
  • @thompsonpaul Used unique QR codes on Transit Bench ads to try to track engagement from different locations
  • @theresaoverby The Louisiana Marathon will use individual QRs on race bibs to access personal race results.

What type of print pubs have you used/seen them in? (VG, rack cards, etc)

  • @pagetx Festival use => post on banners @ festival site with discounts at downtown shops. Drives attendees into town.
  • @WhosYourAnnie @pagetx what about pre-festival. Link to a musician’s youtube vid so people know if they want to hear that group.

What are you tracking for your QR Codes?

  • @TomMartin clicks, 2nd clicks, requests for additional info, and time on site post scan
  • @theresaoverby  Only clicks right now. That’s why @44doors Capture is so darn sexy to me! I’m a stats geek!

And finally, here are some of my favorite tweets from the chat:

  • @CajunMama I would love to see QR codes at attractions or historic sites that link to video or interview w/ backstory. Educational.
  • @Joe_ExpCols That’s smart! QR is best for intercepting people already in market, showing & delivering your resource instantly.
  • @TomMartin  QR Code is all about context. Needs to move buyer one step closer to sale

QR Codes are become more mainstream but we need to be more and more creative in how they are used. There must be a benefit to using them. Whether it’s added knowledge, behind the scenes info or coupons, consumers almost expect a reward now for scanning the QR Code. Don’t let them down.

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