#tourismchat Highlights: SoMe Time Management

Yesterday’s #tourismchat focused on social media time management. You can read the entire chat transcript but if you’re pressed on time, here are a few of the highlights:

  • If you need to link networks to update at the same time, be selective and only do so if absolutely necessary. Having your blog automatically post to twitter and Facebook is one thing but Facebook fans do not like twitter and twitter followers do not like clicking a link that takes you to a Facebook post.
  • Now that I’ve said that, both HootSuite and TweetDeck can be used to update multiple networks. Ping.fm does the same thing.
  • The general consensus was that most chatters prefer HootSuite over TweetDeck. While I love TweetDeck for my personal twitter, I use HootSuite for DMO tweets. When twitter is down (remember the World Cup issues?) HootSuite seems to work more reliably since it’s web-based. This also means that there’s no need to download a program on your work computer.
  • Scheduling tweets on HootSuite (or TweetDeck) is a great way to save time but must be done carefully. Twitter is a two-way conversation so be sure to check back frequently for any replies or mentions. In regards to scheduling tweets, another time-saving tip is too pretweet, or write some tweets in advance. Look at your calendar of events for the week and plan out when you’re going to tweet about which event. The same can be done to plan tweets based on categories so you’re representing all the aspects of your destination (culinary, art & cultural, events, fun facts, hotels, nightlife, etc.). If you schedule tweets, have them spread throughout the day.
  • If you have time, try to incorporate location-based networks into your social media strategy. Leave tips on Foursquare and create trips on Gowalla.

Here are some tips from the chat:

  • Be where you want to be and start to funnel them there. we can’t go everywhere everyone is. = burnout¬† (@BVMatson)
  • Agreed. To save time plan in advance, stay focused, & don’t make it too hard. (@Shalyn_Marsh)
  • Set aside time on your daily calendar to focus on one platform at a time (@DRauchVisitSyr)
  • Having an advance plan/strategy is critical. (@pagetx)
  • When the city is buzzing SoMe is buzzing, when the city is dead, SoMe remains lukewarm (@BVMatson)
  • Easiest way 2 grow. Listen. Listen 2 the peeps talking about your city & engage w/them. Fav their video, follow them on Twitter (@hmaust)

What are your SoMe time-saving tips?

The next #tourismchat is July 29: Apps and Augmented Reality

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